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Eamon McNicholas, specialist Tax Barrister and Accountant, drafted the Charitable Healthcare Providers (Value Added Tax) Bill, (awaiting process). This aims to help charity hospice and healthcare providers recover back their VAT on the same basis as NHS organisations doing the same.

As well as raising the VAT and fairness point for the hospice sector the Bill Eamon drafted has also helped the wider debate about the tax burden on charities generally.

For more details of Eamon’s work in this area see
Charitable Healthcare Providers.

For charities generally VAT can be a complex, or hidden, but very expensive extra cost. Fortunately there are some special provisions available for charities in VAT law which can help. An overview of these is given in Charities and Special Provision in VAT.

Eamon would welcome any comments or input in this area.

Charities and VAT


to read the drafted Charitable Healthcare Providers (Value Added Tax) Bill