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Military history and tactics is an area of special interest for me and has been since I studied history at university.

I have also found over the years that an understanding of military tactics and reasoning translates very well into the whole area of law and litigation and, indeed, into the wider spectrum of business and city life.

I occasionally meet with a small group, on an unofficial basis, to discuss and analyse tactics and strategy of specific battles and to look at how this can be used today in law and business.

I have occasionally been asked to share this and so, from time to time, I will publish here some battle analysis and lessons you can learn to carry to your own area of business.

If you are interested in military strategy and tactics and would like to join the discussion / meetings or have a favourite battle tactic of your own,
please email me.

Click on maps to enlarge:

Military History and Tactics in Law and Business Battle Plan of Malplaquet.jpg

1. Battle of Malplaquet,

11th September 1709  

2. Svenska

3. The Last Sortie from Plevna

svenska.jpg Plevna.jpg

4. La Fourche or Chateauguay,

26th October 1813

chateauguay.jpg Battle_of_Fontenoy 1745.gif

5. Bataille de Fontenoy

11 May 1745

6. Battle of Sari Bair

Second phase


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