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Accounting Discipline:

10 tips if you

face a complaint

Eamon has successfully advised and defended qualified accountants with issues relating to disputes, disciplinary tribunals and appeals procedures, including unfair professional dismissals.

If you are the subject of a professional complaint or dispute, it is wise to get good quality professional advice for yourself at the earliest possible stage rather than entering into correspondence and committing yourself to paper too quickly before your whole defence strategy has been planned.

If you need legal advice you can contact Eamon who can take direct professional instructions (which is a highly cost effective way to get professional legal advice) or refer you to a solicitor as appropriate.

Accounting Discipline – 10 tips if you face a complaint

The Case of Margaret May vs CIMA (June 2013)

Eamon is often being asked about the recent case of Margaret May vs CIMA.
You can read his
overview and analysis of the May case here.

Here are some lessons learned from the May case which all accountant should be aware of!

Handling Accounting Profession Complaints or Disciplinary Hearings

If you are notified of a complaint:

Don’t fire off a letter in a panic! You may regret it later.

Gather all your evidence.

Get some legal advice to plan a strategy sooner rather than later.

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