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Who is Eamon?

Eamon McNicholas B.A.,Dipl Law, CIOT, was called to the Bar in 1994 and with 20 years' experience as a Barrister at Middle Temple, London, specialising in Tax, practicing in litigation and advisory work for VAT, duties, accounting and finance related cases, direct taxes (corporate and personal) with related European Community and Human Rights aspects.

He is particularly experienced and has had great success with VAT and duties tribunals in both assessment and evasion cases and he also specialises in European law based indirect or transition taxes.

He has been a member of the Attorney General's Panel for a large part of his career, often appearing for and advising HM Revenue and Customs, and so has extensive experience on both sides of the fence!

About Eamon

A Successful Litigator as well as an Advisor

In addition to civil litigation, Eamon is a very experienced and successful tax litigator appearing regularly before the High Court, the Court of Appeal, where he has had quite some success, and VAT & Duties Tribunals.

He has expertly managed a broad range of Tribunal cases from short applications to highly complex cases. As well as appearing often for HMRC he has successfully represented a wide range of private clients and business against HMRC. For outline details to give you a feel for one or two of Eamon’s cases
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A sample of Eamon's array of reported cases include:

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More Good News About Eamon - click here!