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You can, in many cases, go to a barrister directly which can be a financially efficient way to manage your case.  

As well as providing written advice, tax planning and civil litigation, here are a few case outlines to give a feel of what Eamon can do to help you:

Restaurants / Traders
Eamon successfully defended a restaurant against an inflated tax demand by HMRC. By using the traders records, including videos, he was skilfully able to show that the observations the tax authorities relied on were overstated and incorrect.

Fighting for Tax Exemptions

A professional client provided services which are exempt from VAT. Regardless HMRC tried to impose tax but Eamon managed to show that the correct position was that no tax was due and HMRC withdrew.

Construction Industry
In a construction industry tax deduction scheme, which was appealed at High Court, Eamon’s detailed knowledge of tax law enabled him to successfully argue for his client on specific interpretations under the scheme and legitimately saved them a large amount of tax.

Importation of Goods
In a dispute about an assessment of customs duty for the import of a large quantity of certain goods Eamon successfully argued for the correct interpretation for his client

Tax on Land
A business sold some land which HMRC demanded VAT on claiming it was covered by an option to tax (or election to waive exemption). Eamon examined the transaction and showed that actually tax was not due so that the VAT assessment was withdrawn.

Please note that some details have been changed to protect the identity of the client, where appropriate.

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Tax Case Outlines

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