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Eamon McNicholas is a highly experienced tax barrister and an accountant representing clients throughout  London, the UK and Ireland.

Eamon specialises in tax law, especially indirect tax, VAT and Duties Tribunals, environmental taxes, tax & human rights issues and tax & accounting with civil litigation.

Eamon has successfully
advised and represented accountants in disputes and complaints.

His attention to detail and his ability to quickly grasp and recall vast amounts of detail and to cut through complicated tax law is highly regarded.

His extensive expertise includes advisory work, litigation and tax planning as well as lectures, committee work, regular publication of articles, television and radio interviews.

Direct Access
Eamon is licensed to take direct access instructions from the general public which can give you access to high quality and detailed legal advice without paying unnecessary overheads.

As a practising barrister Eamon is bound by the Bar Council Code of Conduct and he conforms to their standard terms of engagement. You can read these in full at the Bar Council’s website.

In accordance with recent developments, Eamon is qualified to take instructions directly from the public if necessary although it is often effective to have a professional VAT advisor handling the day to day elements of a case. Eamon can discuss this with you.

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Eamon’s Latest Case- Analysis:

Longridge on the Thames

Boats and Taxation

Eamon has extensive specialist experience of tax / VAT on boats as well as many enquiries with regards to "Stone", one of his boat cases. Details of this can be found at VAT and Boats.

International Trade with the UK

For goods or services moving into or out of the UK the tax regime can be extremely complex. Disputes with the UK tax authority, HMRC, can come up sometimes years after the event and any additional tax assessed can be very considerable. Eamon can give written advice to help prevent tax disputes arising or advise and represent you if you already have a dispute in progress.

A Great Victory for Eamon:

FMX Food Merchants v HMRC TC/2011/4985

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Battle Strategy and

Tactic Analysis